Office for Victims of Crime Releases “Faces of Human Trafficking” Video Series Featuring Entian Story Founder

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) has released a resource guide to assist policy makers, law enforcement, service providers and other stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking. The guide, called “Faces of Human Trafficking,” features a nine-part video series highlighting the stories of several survivors, service providers, and different aspects of the crime. A discussion guide and fact sheet are also available. The Entian Story’s founder, Bukola Oriola is featured in the video series.


The nine videos address a number of the issues stakeholders face in cases of human trafficking. An introduction video provides a springboard for discussion on both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Then, both sex and labor trafficking have their own seven minute videos. Another video focuses on the need for a multidisciplinary approach to the issue of human trafficking. That is, it addresses the need for law enforcement, service providers and other stakeholders to communicate and work together to heal survivors and rescue victims. Trauma-informed, effective services provided by multiple organizations are addressed in another video. Youth are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking, so those particular risks are the focus of the sixth film. The seventh examines the sometimes complicated legal needs of victims and survivors. A final video shows how the featured survivors were able to escape their situation and live productive and happy lives.


Each of the videos is available for streaming or download, either in English or with Spanish subtitles. Likewise, each video comes with a discussion guide. The discussion guides are tailored for the specific audience that might find them most useful.


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