President Obama Declares January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

President Barak Obama has decreed that January of 2016 is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month.

“One hundred and fifty years ago, our Nation codified the fundamental truth that slavery is an affront to human dignity,” President Obama said in a press release. “Still, the bitter fact remains that millions of men, women, and children around the globe, including here at home, are subject to modern-day slavery: the cruel, inhumane practice of human trafficking. This month, we rededicate ourselves to assisting victims of human trafficking and to combating it in all its forms.”

The recently issued decree calls upon all Americans to recognize the role they can play in fighting human trafficking. “All nations have a part to play in keeping our world safe for all people — regardless of age, background, or belief,” he said.

The decree acknowledges the efforts the Obama administration have made towards fighting human trafficking in 2015. “My Administration has made addressing human trafficking issues in supply chains a priority,” he said. “Earlier this year, the White House brought together private sector and non-governmental organizations to discuss ways to prevent and eliminate trafficking-related activities in Federal contracts and in private sector supply chains.”

The end of the month will ramp up to the celebration of National Freedom Day on February 1.



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