On-Demand Webinar About On-Campus Sexual Assault

The Office of Justice Programs and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence have teamed up to release a webinar on-campus sexual assault. The webinar is being released in response to alarming new statistics about sexual assault on college campuses, according to the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence website. It features five presenters, and is available on-demand.

Presenters at this webinar come from several different fields. Of the five presenters, four are from Duquesne University. They include L. Kathleen Sekula, Ph.D., APRN, FAAN from the School of Nursing, Sean Weaver, Title IX Coordinator, and Susan Monahan, Director of Student Conduct. Michael Sippey, Assistant Chief, Duquesne University Dept. of Public Safety will also be presenting. A fifth presenter, Bryan Sellers, is a detective in the sexual assault team at the City of Pittsburgh Police Department. They will provide training for sexual assault responders and campus security.

New studies have found high levels of sexual assault on college campus. According to one study, as many as one in five female college students will be sexually assaulted during her undergraduate career. Another study found for every 1000 women attending college, there will be 35 incidents of rape per academic year. Moreover, less than 5% of these rapes are reported to law enforcement. Often, the perpetrators of these crimes are not punished by their school’s judicial system.

Access the webinar here: https://forensiccoe.org/module/registration/Default.aspx?moduleid=7513DD11-1F2C-4EF6-9863-578BAE7315D1

Photo credit: Office of Justice Program website

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