Office for Victims of Crime Releases 9-Part Human Trafficking Documentary

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) has concluded plans to release a nine-part documentary series about human trafficking in January 2016. The documentary, entitled “The Faces of Human Trafficking,” features survivors of human trafficking to teach law enforcement, prosecutors, service providers, and the community about the crime. Among the survivors featured in the documentary is Bukola Oriola, Founder of The Enitan Story. She will bring an early release of the video with her to Nigeria on her “Bringing the Story Back Home” tour- A human trafficking awareness tour to Nigerian higher institutions using her personal experience and expertise to help Nigerian youths from falling prey of human trafficking.

During the tour, Oriola along with other survivors and an Enitan Story board member will speak at six colleges and universities in Nigeria. A survivor who is passionate about prevention through awareness, she said “the reason I have chosen this audience is because they are the youth and they are armor bearers in the community. They form the perfect niche to spread the message to the younger generation and also leverage it to the older folks in the community.”

Oriola has partnered with the US Consulate and the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and Other Related matters (NAPTIP) in Lagos, Nigeria to further the cause.

She said the tour will help young adults understand that traveling abroad does not necessarily mean a better life, but could be a potential human trafficking trap. She will encourage them to be aware of the challenges that they or their loved ones may face in search of a better life. “It will be of immense help to this sub-group to understand the fact that going abroad by visa lottery, marriage, further education, or other means can be a potential human trafficking trap,” she added. The tour “is not set to discourage the Nigerian youths from pursuing their dreams of finding opportunities abroad, but to equip them with adequate knowledge that will prevent them from becoming victims or finding help if they become victims of human trafficking.”

You can watch the three-minute preview by the OVC featuring Oriola and other survivors below.

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