Over $1.4 Million Offered in Housing Program Grant for Domestic Abuse Victims with HIV/AIDS

A new federal grant program will offer over $1.4 million to create housing programs for low income women living with HIV or AIDS, who are also victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the program in a March 11 press release. The effort will be a collaboration between HUD, The Office of Violence Against Women, and The Office of HIV/AIDS. This is the first federal program of its kind.


“Every person should be able to live in a safe and stable environment,” said Julián Castro, HUD Secretary in the press release. “This new HUD initiative will help secure this opportunity for those living with HIV/AIDS who’ve been subjected to domestic violence, providing them with the housing and health services they need to build a better future.”


HUD requires that housing developed under this grant also provide supportive services through local domestic violence and sexual assault service providers.


While the project focuses on women and girls, service and housing will be provided to clients of any sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or marital status, religion, nationality, disability, or age.


A 1997 study from the Journal of General Internal Medicine researched the quality of health care received by people living with AIDS or HIV and the stability of their home to see if there was a connection. It found that people living with HIV/AIDS in a stable home are more likely to visit doctors regularly, visit the same doctor, and reach a doctor during a medical emergency.


Photo from www.hud.gov


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