Lagos NAPTIP Rescues 568 Victims

The Lagos State command of the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic In Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) has rescued a total of 568 victims of human trafficking. According to news reports, the agency made progress in slowing human trafficking by rescuing 254 victims in 2014 and 314 in 2013.
Head of the agency in Lagos, Commander Famakin Joseph told Leadership Newspaper that the crime occurred less frequently in 2014 because of the agency’s tactics and increased sensitization. “NAPTIP is trying to do its best against human trafficking, improve our fight in all areas, including sensitization and prosecution of offenders,” he said.
Despite these gains, he hopes to see increased participation by state and local governments, as well as other organizations.
Meanwhile, Bukola Oriola, Founder, The Enitan Story and Producer, Imprisoned Show has collaborated with the agency to increase awareness in Nigeria during a college tour scheduled for September 2015. During the tour, titled Bringing the Story Back Home, Oriola will visit colleges and other institutions of higher education. She plans to educate students about the potential dangers of traveling abroad. “This tour, scheduled for September 2015 is not set to discourage the Nigerian youths from pursuing their dreams of finding opportunities abroad, but to equip them with adequate knowledge that will prevent them from becoming victims or finding help if they become victims of human trafficking,” she told The Nation Newspaper, one of the national newspapers in Nigeria.

Oriola said the decision to focus on college students was important because of the youth’s passion and talents. “The reason I have chosen this audience is because they are the youth and they are armor bearers in the community. They form the perfect niche to spread the message to the younger generation and also leverage it to the older folks in the community,” She said.
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