US Survivor of Labor Trafficking to Speak at 2014 Trust Women Conference

Survivor of US labor trafficking Evelyn Chumbow will be speaking at the ongoing 2014 Trust Women Conference in London. Chumbow spent seven years cooking and cleaning for her trafficker after moving from Cameroon to America. When she finally escaped, she enrolled in GED classes, and is now a student at the University of Maryland. She is part of the National Survivor Network, and will speaking about the psychological effects of trafficking on survivors.
The 2014 Trust Women Conference in London has gathered experts, lawyers, and global corporations to work on solutions to human trafficking and women’s rights issues. The conference, running November 18-19 has sold out. Speakers cover a wide spread of women’s issues, ranging from economic empowerment to human trafficking in the supply chain. In 2013, Trust Women identified 32 key actions to empower women globally, and many of 2014’s speakers discuss real world solutions to these issues of empowerment.
While many topics are on the docket, the four dominating topics are women and cities, women and finance, slavery in the supply chain, and women and land. Dozens of experts are collaborating to work towards real solutions to these problems.
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