1st Annual Denver Anti-trafficking Alliance Conference

The Denver Anti-trafficking Alliance (DATA) is holding its first annual conference on human trafficking on Thursday, November 20, 2014. As part of its outreach and awareness program, the conference will provide attendees with education and training spanning several disciplines. There will be four workshops with 26 speakers.  Among the speakers is founder of The Enitan Story, Bukola Oriola, who is also a survivor of human trafficking and will be speaking as a consultant on behalf of the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC).


DATA is a collaborative group consisting of 40 different organizations in the state of Colorado. The group is committed to developing a collaborative and comprehensive response to human trafficking by providing services to victims of trafficking, assist law enforcement in the fight against trafficking, work with lawmakers to improve human trafficking legislation, and work in community outreach programs to increase awareness.


Oriola will begin the conference by speaking on the topic entitled, Survivors Perspective: The Dynamics of Labor Trafficking through her experiences.  She works to raise awareness about trafficking through public presentations and the Enitan Story, a non-profit with a mission to advocate for victims and empower survivors. Another survivor, Emily Tocci will close the event. She is a law student, a founding member of the American Bar Association (ABA) State Attorneys General and Department of Justice Issues Committee, and focuses her time on legal research and training development.


Other speakers represent a variety of work expertise. They include police officers, district attorneys, and health care professionals. Workshops include several case studies, commentary on Colorado laws, and police tactics and best practices.

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