Meet Jennifer Le: The Enitan Story Volunteer

My name is Jennifer Ngoc Le. I was born on October 10 In Vietnam. I have two brothers and I am the youngest in in family. My passion is playing piano during my free time. My favorite color is purple. I believe purple is a faithful color and it could be bring happiness to other people. My career goal is to get a Master’s degree in Social Work and because love helping other people all over the world. I want to become a Professor after graduating to dedicate my knowledge to helping other people .I also love to travel around the world to learn more about human trafficking, sex-domestic, organ trafficking, and so on. I would love to visit Europe one day soon.

It’s Been a Pleasure Working With Jennifer Le

I will like to say that it’s been a great pleasure working with Jennifer Le. She join the Enitan Story as a volunteer this spring and has been very helpful in terms of research and coordinating. In fact, she is a versatile person. She took a TV Production training with two other volunteers at the North Metro TV in Blaine to help on Imprisoned Show.

Le is very smart, energetic, works well in a team or independently. She has helped to update The Enitan Story Facebook Page and taken on other assignments as necessary. I always look forward to working with Le. She is hardworking and very reliable.

Bukola Oriola

Founder, The Enitan Story

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