Anoka County Sheriff Shocked About Officer’s Prostitution Solicitation Arrest

Robbinsdale Police Department: Photo by NY Daily News

Robbinsdale Police Department: Photo by NY Daily News

The Anoka County Sheriff, Sheriff James Stuart has expressed his shock over the Robbinsdale Police Chief, Steve Smith, who was arrested in the recent prostitution sting in Coon Rapids.

He expressed his concern to Imprisoned Show in an email and added that many lives are being affected by this atrocious crime. “I was totally shocked to learn of his arrest.  I was equally shocked that he was involved in that kind of activity. It is truly tragic how many lives are being devastated by this kind of crime,” he stated.

Meanwhile, mixed reaction has greeted the arrest in the comment feed of While some members of the community are clamoring for the legalization of prostitution, some accused the reporters of under reportage. A commenter, Abby Yang stated: “It’s Sex Trafficking not prostitution.” According to her, “… the article fails to inform [the] readers.

Smith, a Ham Lake resident was one of those arrested in an undercover operation by the Coon Rapids police department last month. He was cited for a general misdemeanor prostitution crime and was charged last Monday in Anoka County District Court.

ABC newspapers reported: “According to police reports, a Coon Rapids Detective placed a sexually suggestive ad under the “Escorts” section of last month as part of an undercover operation targeting human trafficking. This included rates for services as well as a contact number, which was an undercover police cell phone.”

Sheriff Stuart expressed hope in the fight against human trafficking when he stated: “Keep fighting the good fight- working together, we can make a difference!”


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