Anoka County Successful at Prosecuting Traffickers

Anoka County has been making giant strides in helping victims of human trafficking and prosecuting trafficking in the County. Imprisoned Show received an email from the Sheriff, James Stuart stating that the county has continued to be successful in fighting this heinous crime in its community.

“We have had (and continue to have) successful investigation of [Human Trafficking] HT cases in which we are able to help the victims and prosecute the traffickers,” he said.

The Sheriff’s office has also collaborated with local police departments to implement “an Anoka County Ad-hoc Human Trafficking Task Force.” According to Stuart, “We train together and work together to aid in conducting more timely investigation of cases and more aggressively go after the traffickers.”

In addition, several representatives of the Sheriff’s office, including Sheriff Stuart have been going around the community to create human trafficking awareness at community organizations and civic groups. “We have reached hundreds of people so far and will continue to grow those numbers weekly,” he said.

You can reach the Sheriff’s office online at, call 763-323-5000, or email

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