Five Steps Towards Human Trafficking Prevention

By  Claudia

Hands on chains

Hands on chains


Human Trafficking is a serious level crime conducted by many for the purpose of money making, revenge and many other non related reasons also. This activity is also termed as a violation of the rights of a human being. Most of the persons fall victim to the trafficking activities due to the criminal acts performed by their trustworthy persons.

The huge bunch of victims consists of the persons those who are searching for easy alternative short cuts for leading a better life. Due to this, traffickers gain the trust of the person concerned and then make an offer of a foreign job or a better life option that interests them and they agree to move along with the traffickers to places far from their native lands.

On arrival to the destination, the victims are employed into forced labor activities or prostitution like business leading to the violation of their basic rights and destroying their lives completely. A report covers various parameters for the prevention of human trafficking, reducing the crime rate in the world.

1.      Raising Awareness: The first and the vital step for the prevention of human trafficking is the rise of the awareness among the people. Since, most of the human trafficking activities are carried out by providing various hoax offers to the persons that are looking for an option for a better living. The awareness regarding such hoax offers can be raised through media activities like publishing articles in newspapers, brochures or by taking the aid of social or internet media. Other than the media, songs, theatre plays and other cultural modes can also be used to deliver the useful message to the targeted audience.

2.      Controlling Factors leading to Trafficking: Various socioeconomic conditions present in the underdeveloped countries are responsible for the rise of human trafficking and persons involved in trafficking find it easier to fool people due to many such conditions present in their locality. Some cultural practices are also responsible for the unawareness among people related to such activities. Practices like gender biasing, early age marriages and arranged relations without inspecting the complete background details of the male side family and the environment. These types of hoax activities are practiced by traffickers to take the advantage of weak and uneducated part of the society.

3.      Unity among the Preventers: There are various groups and society organizations that are working for the prevention of human beings that are prone to trafficking activities. There are a large number of groups carrying out their activities in small areas having low influence. They all need to combine together to form a big organization to have a healthy impact on such activities.

4.      Strong Laws: There are many laws that are governing such activities, but aren’t strong enough to prevent such activities. Laws need to be made stronger in order to curb such activities from its roots like various international organizations have taken steps to some extent.

5.      Educated Environment: Many activities leading to the decline of human values arise in the areas that have the least literacy rates. Uneducated people fall easily towards such illegal activities covered with many bright future dreams. So, education is must for every individual to stop such activities.



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