Imprisoned Show Sale and Fundraiser Event

Imprisoned Show is set to host its first Sale and Fundraiser event this summer. The event will hold on Saturday, June 8, 2012 at the Heritage Park Community Room, Minneapolis from 11:00am to 6:00pm. The goal of the event to promote human trafficking advocacy in the Twin Cities, showcase efforts of Imprisoned Show in the past three years, and project for the future.

Imprisoned Show has been funded through personal funds and donations. We believe it is time to reach out for public’s help through a sale and fundraiser event. On one hand, Imprisoned Show will have a additional funds to purchase some of the items for production and also begin to have its own production equipment for use at any time. Currently, Imprisoned Show is produced with the North Metro TV, a public access Television in Blaine production equipment.

What Imprisoned Show is About

Advocacy: We advocate for victims and survivors of human trafficking through awareness campaign. Many victims have reached out for help through Bukola Oriola’s personal story.

Referral: We refer victims for help. If you are a victim or know a victim, please contact us and we will refer you to an organization close to you for help.

Educate: We educate every community around the world about human trafficking and domestic abuse.

Reinforce Awareness: We recognize the fact that there are many organizations, mostly non-profits advocating and creating awareness. Our goal is to reinforce the awareness through the broadcast, online and social media.

Imprisoned Show’s Wish List:

  1. 2 Professional video cameras
  2. 1 Still camera
  3. 1 Mac computer
  4. Blank DVD Re-writables
  5. Mini DVD tape
  6. Dubbing Deck
  7. Award Plaques
  8. Editing Service fee
  9. Volunteer Wed Developer with e-commerce skill
  10. Custom Microphone
  11. SD Storage Drives
  12. SD storage cards
  13. 2 Video Tripods
  14. Brochure Printing Services
  15. Flour
  16. Sugar
  17. Yeast
  18. Vegetable Oil
  19. Punch/soft drinks/water
  20. Volunteer writers
  21. Mini Van

Some of the items that would be displayed for sale are Imprisoned book, custom made tie & Dye/ Batik shirts for men, women and children, handmade bead bracelets with blue ribbon or heart engrave with blue ribbon charm by Bukola, snacks (puff-puff, known as donut hole) and drink, jewelry and other nice affordable items. You can also buy $1 raffle ticket in advance or at the event to win fabulous prices.

Full address of event is:

Heritage Park Community Room

1000 Olsen memorial highway

Minneapolis MN 55411

Come and meet local vendors and victims’ service providers from the Twin Cities. For questions and donations, contact Bukola at or C/o Bukola Oriola, 1628 County Highway 10, #210, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432.

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