US Reps Passes VAWA Re-authorization

President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama.
Photo credit: White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

United States Senator from Minnesota, Amy Khlobuchar announced on the popular social media website, Facebook, that the House of Representatives have passed the Violence Against Women’s Act/Trafficked Victim Protection Act (VAWA/TVPA). The re-authorization bill, which passed today with a vote of 286- 138 is now awaiting President Barack Obama’s signature.

Stakeholders, advocates and non-profits across the country worked together to make it a reality for victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse in the United States.

Various organizations working with victims sent mass emails out to the public to call their representatives to vote “no” on the “substitute of TVPA Act”. According to them, the substitute will not provide services for victims of human trafficking and will affect the work of law enforcement in bringing trafficking to justice.

“Over the next two days, the House of Representatives will be considering S. 47, the Senate-passed Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.  This legislation includes the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which was adopted by a vote of 93-5 during Senate consideration of S. 47.

The House of Representatives will first consider a Substitute Amendment to S. 47 that is a narrower approach to VAWA reauthorization.  This version does NOT include the bipartisan Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and is opposed by VAWA advocates because it fails to include a number of other provisions contained in the Senate version.”

They encouraged the public to ask their representatives to vote “Yes” “on attaching TVPA to VAWA Re-authorization.” They believe that if the substitute does not pass the House of Representatives will “move to a final vote on S. 47, WITH the TVPRA in it.”

“The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is the United States’ most important tool in the fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The act has expired—placing critical anti-trafficking initiatives at risk, such as support to law enforcement and services for survivors. Critical votes will be cast today and tomorrow – members of the House of Representatives need to hear from you TODAY,” the various organizations stated.


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