Meet Vivienne, the 8-year old Saving Trafficked Children with Lemonade

How about an eight year old girl educating kids about human trafficking by inspiring them through lemonade? Vivienne is a rare gem saving children victims of human trafficking by making lemonade to give out for public donations. She makes lemonade that she gives free to fight human trafficking. She introduces herself saying, “I am Vivienne, I am eight years old and I make lemonade.” According to her mum, in her November 8, 2012 video posted on her youtube channel, “she has a lot of compassion,” with her dad adding that “Vivienne is giving people beliefs in themselves that they can do something.”

Vivienne is the youngest speaker at the at the global forum on November 1 and 2, according to her dad, who doubles as her “press secretary.” He helps her to reply to the messages she gets on the social media websites – facebook and youtube. She has raised over 60,000 and freed 200 child slaves. The lad’s motivation to make a stand against child slavery was inspired when she saw a picture of two child slaves with big rocks strapped to their little heads on May 5, 2012 and has started work until she freed 500 child slaves.

As at the time of this article, however, Vivienne has raised at least $156,863 for Not For Sale Campaign to free more children in slavery. She reached and passed her goal.

She said:”I will be so happy to see other people getting inspired. And David Batstone, Founder of Not For Sale was inspired when he asked “123 days out there selling lemonade?

“Gandi was one person, Martin Luther King was one person, Mother Theresa was one person. Why can’t you be one person that helps,” Vivienne noted.

To make a stand with Vivienne,you can visit her website at

Thanks to David Batstone, Founder of Not For Sale who allowed us to use this video on Imprisoned Show website.

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