US to Empower Investigators, Law Enforcement, Others to Fight Human Trafficking

President Barack Obama has declared that his administration will continue to empower investigators, law enforcement, businesses and students to fight human trafficking within and outside the country.

Investigators and law enforcement will be empowered with the training they need, as businesses, advocates, and students will be engaged in developing cutting-edge tools people can use to stay safe.
In a declaration made on December 31, 2012, in a press release issued by the White House, the president noted that there are new sanctions on governments who do not comply to fighting the crime in their countries.

He said: “Our commitment to stopping human trafficking does not end at our borders. As a leader in the global movement to combat this scourge, the United States has renewed sanctions on governments that harbor the worst offenders.”
The president, who believed that no country can fight the crime alone stated: “We have partnered with groups around the world to help men, women, and children escape their abusers. And recognizing that no country can meet this challenge alone, we have aided others in addressing modern slavery’s root causes, and encouraged nations across the globe to pass comprehensive anti-trafficking laws, enforce them rigorously, and care for survivors.”
Obama has therefore declared January “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month” to help millions of men, women and children who are bought beaten, and abused, locked in compelled service and hidden in darkness.
“They toil in factories and fields; in brothels and sweatshops; at sea, abroad, and at home. They are the victims of human trafficking — a crime that amounts to modern-day slavery,” he said, noting “We will invest in helping trafficking victims rebuild their lives.
“And as one of the world’s largest purchasers of goods and services, the Federal Government will keep leading by example, further strengthening protections to help ensure that American tax dollars never support forced labor.”
The president assured that his administration is committed to strengthening “protections so all workers know their rights, expanded efforts to identify and serve domestic victims, devoted new resources to dismantling trafficking networks, and put more traffickers behind bars than ever before.”
He encouraged businesses, organizations, faith-based groups, families, and all Americans to recognize their vital roles in ending all forms of slavery by observing the month with appropriate programs and activities.

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