Destination Freedom Creates Human Trafficking Awareness by Grocery Bagging

Destination Freedom Inc., a non-profit organization based in Anoka County will to host a grocery bagging event at the Blaine Cub Foods, 585 Northtown Drive Blaine, Minnesota.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office, Marie Keener told Imprisoned Show that the event is scheduled for Sunday, December 23 from 10.a.m to 9.p.m, however, bagging does not start until 11.a.m.

Students, 15 years old and above are encouraged to take part in the bagging process. They will have a training process before the start of the event to guide them into making it a success.

Destination Freedom Inc. will give T-Shirts to the baggers but they have to wear pants with no rips and shoes with closed toes.

Keener also mentioned that the Spectrum High School donation drive that took place earlier was a success. They received a total of 564 clothing items. They received a total of 185 items for boys and 206 for girls with 1 full box of boots and shoes.

The organization will be opening the year 2013 with presentation at the Anoka high School and a networking event where it will have a table set up, free of charge, (worth 500.00) for the tattoo convention in January.

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