Four New Organizations Join VGT

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VGT members, image by ICE

Four new organizations, Korean National Police (KNP), Indonesian National Police (NNP), Kinsa and NetClean have been voted to join the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The announcements were made today during the fifth biennial VGT Conference International Collaboration: An Enabler for Prevention.

A press release issued by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stated that the conference addressed topics related to online child sexual exploitation, including victim identification, crime prevention, legislation engagement, technology solutions, the opening of the European Cyber Crime Center, industry reporting and improving international collaboration.

VGT is an international alliance dedicated to combating online child sexual abuse. The organizations’ membership will become official in April 2013 during a formal signing-in event at the next board of management meeting.

According to the release, KNP and NNP were voted in as law enforcement partners while Kinsa and NetClean were voted in as private sector partners. “KINSA is non-profit organization that helps to protect, rescue and heal child victims of child sexual abuse whose images are shared on the Internet and NetClean develops technical products to stop the spread of this material.”

VGT Chair Ian Quinn, deputy assistant director and head of the Cyber Crimes Center, US ICE Homeland Security said: “The VGT is excited to be bringing in these new members, from both law enforcement and the private sector, who are committed to supporting the collaborative efforts of the VGT in its mission to protect children from online sexual exploitation.”

The VGT announced three new strategic initiatives for the next few years, including,

  1. Enhance the global capacity of law enforcement around the world to fight online child sexual abuse. “The VGT aims to accomplish this by influencing worldwide legislators, industry and others to improve the protections for children; by supporting countries in developing their own strategies and delivering standardized training and technological solutions; and by anticipating global trends and developing effective mitigation for new risks.”
  2. Increase and enhance engagement with existing partners and engaging new partners, from both law enforcement and private sectors, who can make a significant contribution to the work of the VGT, and help target our engagement towards growing and emerging threats towards children.
  3. Develop a global approach towards the issue of traveling child sex offenders to ensure a coordinated and effective response strategy by taking a victim-centered approach to prevention and protection.







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