Government, Stakeholders gear up for Human Trafficking Awareness

Photo by Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, Arizona

Photo by Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, Arizona

January has been declared Human Trafficking Awareness month both at the federal and state levels across the United States.

President Barrack Obama declared in press release of December 30, 2011 of the federal government’s stand with service providers, organizations and government entities working to combat human trafficking to end modern day slavery.

In the same vein, various non-profits working with victims of human trafficking across the United States are gearing up with various activities to create awareness in their communities.

A Lutheran social service program, the Immigration Legal Assistance Program (ILAP) will raise awareness about human trafficking, distributing free coffee during an outreach event in front of Worcester City Hall from 7am-9am on January 11, 2012.

In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) has invited the people from across the state to join them in the annual observance of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month.

According to the organization, groups across the state are organizing rallies, press conferences and other events aimed at raising awareness of Human Trafficking in Wisconsin throughout the month of January.

WCASA and SlaveFree Madison would cosponsor a free film festival on January 29th at the Pres House on the UW-Madison Campus, featuring compelling documentaries and feature films unveiling the dark underworld of sex trafficking, forced labor and exploitation of children and adults that feeds the U.S. and other world economies will encourage the audience members to reexamine their consumption habits and inspire many to fight modern day slavery.

In recognition of the Human Trafficking Awareness day, Multnomah County, Oregon commissioner, McKeel also said “We have accomplished a lot in the past year and I look to 2012 with hope and pride, saying, “we are working closely with legislators and law enforcement to punish perpetrators. And, perhaps just as importantly, we are helping develop a survivor network and promoting mentoring to celebrate youth in our community and enhance access to positive role models.”

Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking, an anti-human trafficking organization is encouraging the public to dress in white to stand against human trafficking on Wednesday, January 11.

The organization, which has members in 38 states in the 50 of the United States noted: “We’re asking everyone to wear something white to show that we are united to be a light for those trapped in darkness.”

It urged the remaining 12 states, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island to join in the fight against human trafficking.




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