Bukola’s Presentation at Love Power Church, Minneapolis

It was a pleasant morning, not too cold, as Bukola went to present at The Love Power Music and Miracles Ministries in Minneapolis.
She got there with her son, Samuel and was directed to the breakfast area at the third floor of the Church building, where she had a meal with other women and men of faith.

Pastor Ann Sandell, founder, director, and Senior Pastor of Love Power Music and Miracles Ministries introduced Bukola to the group in the main auditorium. It was the Women’s program where she was privileged to share her testimony as a victim and survivor of human trafficking. Pastor Janet Gullickson had called Bukola about two weeks earlier to invite her as a guest speaker at the breakfast event.
The women and men present were blessed and at the end of her presentation, some came out for prayers not just for themselves but for someone in their neighborhood, who might be a victim of human trafficking.
Human trafficking is real. Every community member needs to look beneath the surface to identify. Victims do not speak to nobody. Sad enough, victims do not even know that they are victims of human trafficking until they have been rescued. But, if you show love, a victim might open up to you by telling his or her story, and, you might just be the angel to set him or her free. Stay blessed

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