Lack of Service for Child Victim of Human Traficking

Founder and Director, Mission 21, Stephanie Holt has said that there are not adequate service for children victims of human trafficking in the United States.

Holt expressed her concern on the Imprisoned Show set last night in Blaine, Minnesota. According to her, Mission 21, an advocacy group with housing facility for children victim of human trafficking is set to fill this gap to rescue and restore child victims of human trafficking.

Attending a human trafficking conference about a year ago outside of Minnesota opened her eyes to the issue of trafficking, giving her the push to contribute to the fight against human trafficking by educating others, including family members, friends and the general public.

When she returned to Minnesota, she said: “I started researching organizations that were helping victims and I found that there was no organization helping children, specifically, with housing after they are rescued from human trafficking. As I met with other organizations, I figured that the need for the state of Minnesota is to provide an organization that will eventually have a safe home for children rescued from sex trafficking.”

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